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Social Value Statement

Penceat Medical Limited are committed to increasing the social value delivered by our Organisation, for our patients and visitors by our employees, our contractors and our supply chain.

To support this intention, we have outlined our key themes which we ask all our employees, contractors and suppliers to consider and work with us to achieve.


We define social value to be the benefits that come from our organisation which improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of our people, patients and communities.


We are constantly developing our approach to social value and embedding it into our systems. We are pioneer members of Social Value UK network


Penceat Medical will:

embed social value into our commercial strategies and plans

work with our staff and suppliers to improve understanding of social value and provide information, training and support accordingly

operate in a way to maximise the social value generated from our activities

ensure compliance with all applicable environmental and social laws, regulations and standards

work with our suppliers to deliver social value benefits relevant to our communities.


Our key Social Value themes:

COVID-19 recovery

Fighting climate change

Equal opportunity

Improve Health and Wellbeing

Community Cohesion

Improve health and wellbeing and improve community cohesion.

Ethical procurement

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